Frequently Asked Questions:


So you shoot film + digital, right? What does that mean and why would I want that?

That is a great question! As crazy as it is, this millennial fell IN LOVE with film photography about a year ago and I was scared to make the leap. The images have a quality that's unmistakable; the color, the transition between in focus and out of focus is buttery smooth and there's just something about it. It's undeniable and I honestly believe it's impossible to truly replicate. However, as dreamy and perfect as film is, it's not ideal for every situation and although you can't exactly replicate that "film look", I do a pretty good job with my film inspired edits and your film + digital photos will have a cohesive look and feel. 


Do you shoot in black and white, color, or a combination?

I shoot everything in color because I have the freedom to convert to black and white during post processing. Shooting in black and white doesn't give as much freedom. The majority of the images I deliver are in color because color is a relatively new thing photographers are able to offer you. Have you ever stared at a photo of your grandparents and WISHED you could see it in color? I know that I have. That's why I'm happy to provide you with mostly color photos with a few black and white images sprinkled in. (: 


Do you have an assistant/multiple photographers for events?

Yes. ALL wedding packages include a second shooter, the only exception being inclusive packages through Bullock Springs Manor or Ashven Estate. I've found that some couples would like an additional (3rd) shooter and that's always available as an add on but it's very rare that you would need that many photographers on your wedding day. I do work with assistants when needed but an assistant won't be required for every single wedding especially when multiple photographers are present.  


Is photoshopping included in your pricing?

No. I want you to look like the best version of yourself. The key word being yourself. All images include basic color correction but extensive retouching will be invoiced at the current rate. 

Do you give discs with your sessions?

Nope. Discs are bad juju! They get scratched, lost, or broken so easily that I have forgone the whole headache all together. I upload all of your images to an online gallery instead.

Are you willing to follow a shot list?

No and it breaks my heart a little to say that but I promise, there's a good reason! It's really important to me that we're able to remain fully present throughout your wedding day to catch those sweet, fleeting, often-candid moments. I'm happy to take a look through shot lists and requests but keeping my eyes on and checking things off a list means I'm not able to focus on the moment and anticipate natural reactions, which is how I get so many of the images you've seen on my website, blog, and social media. For this reason, I ask that we limit the special requests so I'm able to really focus on you and your day as it unfolds naturally rather than curating something that isn't genuine. Rest assured that all of the "standard" shots like you walking down the aisle, the first kiss, and the bridal party are all part of my normal repertoire, so you shouldn't worry about those. To take the guess work out of it for you, I can absolutely send you a list of the normal photos I take at each wedding for you to refer back to. ALL of that being said, if there's something specific that you're planning or that I should be aware of (like a flash mob at the reception, carrying your grandmother's handkerchief with your bouquet, memorial tables, etc.) please let me know about those things. I absolutely don't want to miss those details.


What if you raise your fees before my event?

If you've already booked (meaning contract signed and session fee or retainer paid) then you have nothing to worry about. You are locked into the rate agreed upon when you signed your contract. If you haven't officially booked, you will be subject to new pricing.


Do you use flash or studio lighting?

I consider myself a natural light photographer. I like bright and airy looks with less dramatic shadows so if I'm able to shoot in ideal lighting situations, I don't use anything other than available light. However, this is real life and not my ideal photo world, so I've learned a lot over the years about using artificial lighting to properly light an image so I'm not limited to only shooting during perfect conditions. 


What type of clothing do you wear?

Every single photo session is a workout! I'm constantly climbing, moving, squatting, laying on the ground, and doing other ridiculous things behind the camera to make sure you look awesome in front of it so I wear nike tempo shorts or yoga pants to the majority of my sessions. As for weddings, I still like to dress for comfort but a little less casual. You'll usually see me shooting in a neutral colored dress or black dress pants and flats. 


Will you use my photos for promotional purposes?

Typically, yes. If you think back to what made you want to book with me or at least get to know me better to see if we were a good fit to work together, it was probably either a referral from a friend or you saw some of my work online. Those are the two biggest drivers for new clients for me so I'm always excited to post new work BUT I know that this isn't a one-size-fits-all policy so I don't include this model release in my contract. I have a separate model release form that allows you to choose the level of privacy you need. 


Is a retainer required to hold my date? 

Yes - for sessions, the entire session fee is due upon booking and 25% of the package for weddings.  


How many events do you book per day?

I do occasionally book multiple sessions in a day but that is USUALLY only at the height of wedding season (gotta get those engagement sessions done in time for save-the-dates!) or if I'm hosting a marathon of some sort. As far as weddings are concerned, I will never personally book myself for two events in one day. With 6 hours as the minimum wedding day coverage (except for elopements), it would be really difficult to schedule two events in one day and that's a whole 'nother level of stress I just do not want. 


What about ALL those pictures you took? Why can't I have all of them?

Taking so many photos allows me to ensure everyone was looking, everyone had their eyes open, and everything is super sharp. I may also take additional shots to test lighting and sometimes I'm pushing my creativity and trying something new - which can work out in my favor or it may be one of those pictures I send to the black hole that is my MacBook trash folder never to be acknowledged again. I will only provide you with the best of the best images. I have very high standards for my work and I won't send mediocre images among the great ones just to "pad the gallery". I don't believe in limiting your gallery though and I love bloopers almost as much as the perfect captures so rest assured, you're not missing anything (: 


But so-and-so is a photographer/has photoshop, can I just have the raw files?

I actually don’t release RAW files. The finished, edited JPEG files are my final product and part of what I’m hired to produce whenever a client and I agree to work together. It’s similar to going to a restaurant; a chef will only ever serve you a finished plate and would never deliver just the ingredients to your table (except for one new trendy restaurant where you cook your own breakfast, but that kind of defeats the point of going out, right?) I want to make sure everything I deliver is consistent and inline with what you've come to expect from me and part of that consistency is my particular editing style.